Sunday, August 12, 2012

Isolee: Beau Mot Plage

Here is a house classic that makes sense during our last leg of this summer, "Beau Mot Plage" by Isolee.  The song title  means "beach beautiful word" and it  revolutionized house music and techno.  The song was created by German minimal techno producer Rajko Muller and  it propelled the term microhouse to the front.   It means stripping house music to a more minimal and sparse aesthetic by adding clicks, static, glitches, and small bits of noise where artists often experiment with different forms of sampling to achieve this effect. I remember hearing the sophistication of this tune for the first time and it blew mind.  In my book, this song pretty much kick started the twenty first century of dance music. It has been featured in countless DJ mixes and has been re-worked and re-conceptualized several times.   Nothing can beat the original though, as well as the Freedom Reform Parts I and II featured here.   The song still sounds as good and fresh as it was twelve years ago.  Enjoy!

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