Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Sparkle: Cécile and Refleksie

It's vacation time and sorry I haven't tended this blog properly; however,  with time on my hands, I have been entering some amazing vinyl that's long been sitting on my shelves and excited to post new material.  Speaking of, here is a dance number that keeps on giving and to tell you the truth, I can't quite pin this one yet but one thing for sure it hasn't escaped my mind in weeks already.  "First Sparkle" is by Cécile and Refleksie, a collaboration between Milan-based duo Carlo Dall'Amico (Cécile) and Matteo Lavagna (Refleksie) whom have previously recorded as Esperanza.  There is a sunny, psychedelic take on dance music here with some intense hungry bass.  In "First Sparkle", a chorus from 1950's easy listening is layered with some amazing disco breaks and a great modular acid bass line that reminds me a bit of late '80s S'Express stripped down.  Enjoy!

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