Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Love Is A Life Saver

Happy Easter! To commemorate the season here is a disco classic that is a clear testament of the love power from above.  Every time I hear this song if feels like a warm blanket over my soul.  Even though the song was probably written in reference to a loved one as in a romantic relationship, I always feel the song is transcendental with a strong spiritual message.  The song was released in 1980 produced and written by Rodney Brown and Willie Lester and mixed by Francois K with vocals by the stunning Gayle Adams.

Ms. Adams recorded two albums for one the most important dance-oriented record labels of all time Prelude.  "Love Fever" was Adams most successful single reaching number six on the US dance charts.  However, "Your Love.." is still bringing the dance floor to a frenzy every time is played during the legendary Body & Soul and 718 Session parties.

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