Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rhythm Of Love

It's time for Disco Monk to feature "Rhythm Of Love". This Paradise Classic was first heard in 1985 when Larry Levan dropped it and then released in 1988 on Pow Wow Records. I've always loved this song with such amazing build to a nice break and of course the great vocals featuring legendary DJ, producer, club promoter and remixer Johnny Dynell.  Born John Savas, he started his DJ career at the Mudd Club in 1980 and has been a major player since at many of NewYork nightclubs including Danceteria, The Pyramid Club, Club 57, Area, Boybar, The Tunnel, Twilo, Vinyl, The Roxy, The Limelight, The Palladium, Nells, Copacabana, Crobar and Mr. Black.  Currently he is the resident DJ at the Greenhouse every Sunday where you can hear his magic on the turntables.  I had the pleasure of hearing him play for the first time during the Jackie 60 years at Mother which he co-founded along with his wife downtown legend, writer and club promoter Chi Chi Valenti.  Dynell's first single "Jam Hot" has been remixed and sampled many times over the years with his signature rap ..."tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty you're listening to the boy from the big bad city, this is Jam Hot, this is Jam Hot".   Dynell also recorded the Voguing anthem "Elements Of Vogue" which still sounds as fresh when it was released twenty years ago! "Jam Hot" was recently given new treatment by Tensnake, Peter Rauhofer, Mark Kamins and Elija Rudman reaching a new audience with this great song so here it is for you to enjoy!    

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