Sunday, April 15, 2012

Be Yourself

Easter break is ovah! Back to school and to end it on high note here is the 1999 club classic "Be Yourself" by Celeda.  The song was written, produced, keyboarded and drum programmed by the legendary Danny Tenaglia.  Ms. Celeda is a Chicago native whose contribution to the dance music world has been unparalleled.  She has empowered the dance floors for almost two decades with her voice and flawless productions.  Need I say that collaborating with Mr. Tenaglia was a match made in club heaven.  They were the Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer of the '90s! They made brilliant, flawless and heart stopping dance music that literally took you on a journey of 'sounds and beats' with all their tracks now considered classics.  I remember being in dance rapture when Tenaglia dropped this song for the first time during his residency at club Vinyl during the late '90s.   Today I was bike ridding over the West Side Piers right by the old site of The Tunnel  and was spooked (in a good way) when listening to this song bookending a great podcast by Neal Schtumm (listen here) .  I was surprised how timeless and brilliantly redeeming this song still remains.  So here it is children in its full glory and don't forget to always "be yourself and no one else"....Enjoy!

Site of The Tunnel club, NY

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