Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Like What You're Doing To Me

Here is an early '80s disco classic that honestly haven't heard since my rolling skating years living in San Jose, Costa Rica!  So I would like to revisit this gem of a song that keeps 'doing it to me' to cure the mid week blues.  New Jersey's own Young & Company, also known as The Youngs whose siblings were Starleana Young of Slave/Aura/Deja fame.  Members included siblins William, Michael and Kenny Young on vocals, Jackie Thomas on guitar, Buddy Hank on Bass and Dave Reyes on drums.  "I Like What You're Doing To Me" was their biggest hit to date and the title of their only full LP they have released.  During the early to mid '80s their sound was typical of the post disco/funk/r&b that was popular at the time and were a favorite among the roller skating scene by releasing several great dance floor fillers such as "(Strutt Your Stuff) Sexy Lady", "Is It Good To You?", "Waiting On Your Love",  "I'm Too Cool" and "Such A Feeling".  Indisputably the one that makes me want to head back to the roller rink is "I Like What Your're Doing To Me". Oh how I loved those carefree days. Enjoy!

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