Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Don't Smoke

Don't be misled by the title, in fact it might make you want to do the opposite upon hearing this song. Or  not.  However you take it, the message here is irrelevant and the fact is that this tune has been making waves ever since it debuted during a live set Matias Aguayo  did on Beats In Space.  That's where I heard this song first and haven't been able to get this song out of my head.  I recently did a posting on Rebolledo and promised to do a feature focusing on  Mr. Aguayo.  So here it is. Born in 1973 in Santiago, Chile and for many years now simply a citizen of the whole world.  He is a true original with a unique vision among electronic music performers and composers.  Influenced by a variety of music genres and rhythms,  Aguayo began his career organizing events, djing at the legendary Liquid Sky parties in Cologne, Germany and then became part of the project Closer Musik where he released his first album on Kompakt in 2002 and took flight. His voice and productions ever since have become a trademark of electronic sexiness and deep techno grooves.  He released a song titled "Minimal" in 2008 successfully critiquing the vacuous nature "minimal techno".  Soon after, Matias tired of the Eurocentric techno went even further to explore inspirations in South America starting street parties and free club spaces in Buenos Aires where he teamed up with Diego Morales in Santiago de Chile, Daniel Maloso in Mexico where he founded the label Comeme.  His gigs are blurred the lines between live performance and dj sets mixing house, swing, italo disco, kwaito, techno, electro, tribal huarachero, cumbia and Colombian champeta.  This song is just another example of his constant flow of unique, raw and much needed eclecticism in dance music.  Enjoy!

I Don't Smoke - Matias Aguayo

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