Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have been listening to some new interesting techno lately and I have to say that I have found renewed interest on this fickle genre of dance music.  Reason for this new enthusiasm is German outfit Die Vogel. Die Vogel (German word for the Birds) is a collaborative project between Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents.  Jakobus is an innovative multi-instrumentalist who has previously recorded distinctive albums for Tomlab, Chicks On Speed Records and Karaoke Kalk.  The equally talented, Reents is a member of the groups Egoexpress, Die Goldenen Zitronen and Stella.  He also operates the Art Blakey Studios in Hamburg, where their first EP titled Blaue Moschee, on Pampa Records, was recorded opening a can of worms on Techno with songs such the album titled track and  "Empire". Both songs left a big mark on the global Techno movement.  Both songs are on heavy rotation among the big Dj's of now.  The duo return with two tracks of what can only be described as 'Pampa Techno'.  "Fratzengulasch" is a tribal meditation sung beautifully by Jakobus and Ebba Durstewitz, otherwise known as the band Ja Konig Ja. The other song on this EP is called "Maikaferbenzin" and it will leave you speechless.  They are planning on a full length release in 2012.  Die Vogel are revolutionizing techno as we speak and creating a totally new sound out it along the way.  Note that this song featured here will be only available for download for a few days only since this is a new release. Enjoy!

Fratzengulasch - Die Vogel 

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