Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here is a very alluring, sweet and silly tune called "Bailando" by Spanish early '80s Pop/New Wave band Alaska y los Pegamoides to put you in the mood this Saturday night.  The band was formed in 1979 from some of the members after the break up of a band called Kaka de Luxe (loving the name by the way). Originally the band was composed of Alaska, Nacho Canut, Manolo Campoamor and Carlos Berlaga and went on to add more members later.  The band was short lived while they enjoyed success in Spain and in other underground discos around Europe. The played live around the clubs in Madrid and Barcelona during that seminal time in music where the lines of disco, punk and new wave were blurred. Their last live gig was in November of 1982 at a discotheque called Yoko Lennon (loving the name also) in Bilbao. This song is nothing short of disco fabulousness.  It was released both in English and an Spanish.  The Spanish version is way more campy and offers more breaks than the English one.  I have heard that this song is getting a new revival on the dance floors of now.  This song is great to hear during those sweaty nights out wherever you find yourself this summer even if is in the pleasure of your own living room. Just watch out for your neighbors 'cause this song is meant to be played loud and of course dance. Enjoy!

Bailando - Alaska y los Pegamoides  

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