Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yours feat. Virginia

What a wonderful Spring weather we had so far  in the city today and here is a new discovery from a Dj, producer, performer and label Steffi.  Steffi started to make a name for herself in Holland as a Dj/Party promoter.  The sound here is are clearly rooted in Disco,  Deep House and Detroit Techno.   Yours & Mine is her second full release that has fully embraced the early Deep House revival with lush driven recognizable beats that always feel good to listen any time of the year.   I'm loving the simplicity and elegance of the songs here.  The featured song "Yours feat. Virginia" is a perfect example  of some of the amazing kick drums that stay consistent through out the whole album.  for some strange reason this LP is bringing me back to the Tunnel club and the Sound Factory. This is the perfect soundtrack for those long Spring walks I'm eagerly anticipating through out the city.  She is not re-inventing House Music here however this is pure escapist bliss.  Enjoy!

Yours feat. Virginia - Steffi

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