Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Master Cylinder's Jam

Here is a fabulous cure for midweek blues from New York City's '80s seminal band Konk.  Emerged during the Post-Punk/New Wave and Disco scenes, they were known to play a hybrid of those musical styles creating a fresh new sound that appealed to both the New Wave crowd and the carefree disco  dance crowd.  Their musical influences ranged from Afro-beat, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.  They are known for their highly percussive, yet strong backing bass lines.  As part of the Post-Punk dance scene, they regularly played alongside groups such as Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras, ESG, The NYC Peech Boys and The Lounge Lizards.  Konk was formed by avant-garde personality Dana Vlcek and had among its many members: Richard Edson, who also played drum on the first Sonic Youth record.  Also Geordie Gillespie, who provided percussion and back-up vocals; Angel Quiñones on congas, Shanhon Dawson (trumpet), who was also an early associate of Jean Michel Basquiat in the band Gray, and the SAMO graffiti, who did some of the band's promo poster art work.  He is the uncle of actress Rosario Dawson.  All of their 12" have all been brilliant  and unique dance floor classics such as "Your Life", "Konk Party" and one of my all time favorite house songs "Love Attack".  All songs captured  the amazing creative spirit of New York during the '80s.  "Master's Cylinder's Jam" is from their 1988 LP titled Jams. Enjoy!

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  1. Makes me feel like spring is here! Thanks for curing my blues.