Sunday, March 6, 2011

Runaround on the Underground

Here is a brilliant and yet unnoticed song by the amazingly original synth pop legendary duo Erasure called, "Runaround on the Underground".  This song is included on their 1989 maxi single release of "Blue Savannah Song" from their LP Wild.  It contains three great different treatments of the original "Blue Savannah Song",  an insane song called, "No GDM", and an interesting take of Cerrone's  classic "Supernature" remixed by William Orbit.  "Runaround..." is the stand out here with some amazing hard driving bass with early trance elements and lucious pianos.  Overall this Maxi Single LP is a great and treasured time capsule from that era. Thank you Vince Clarke and Andy Bell for giving us great and timeless synth pop.  Enjoy!

Runaround On The Underground - Erasure

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