Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walking In Rhythm

Wow....I have been neglecting all of you wonderful readers and listeners.  This is a time of the year when thinks get hectic and combined with hosts staying over making difficult to find time to post here.  This a song that I heard today while walking the Williamsburg bridge with a majestic full moon on the horizon combined with the crisp Autumn air and a gorgeous sunset.   As one can imagine the song says it all.  The Blackbyrds was an American rhythm and blues and jazz-funk fusion group, formed in Washington D.C. in 1973.  They released eight successful albums for Fantasy Records from 1974 to 1980.  They have become an inspiration  for countless acts for the past 30 years including  hip pop greats De La Soul, Ice Cube, Heavy D, Nas and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.  The song "Rock Creek Park" has been sample by all of these acts including Massive Attack.  "Walking in Rhythm" is an undisputed Disco classic and it was featured on their 1974 gorgeous sounding LP Flying Start.  The inspiration lives on!  Enjoy

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