Wednesday, November 3, 2010

El Gato Triste

Here is a wonderful song by the amazingly brilliant American composer Chuck Magione.  Although not a dance song, this timeless song has all the drama that could fill a dance floor either during the beginning or the end of a party.  Land Of Make Believe was released in 1973 and it contained many classic songs.  The title song performed by Esther Satterfield's amazing vocals made her famous at the time.   This concert LP released by the Mercury label is one the most successful of this kind with beautiful combination of tunes, grandiose orchestrations with right amount of jazz and a genuinely feeling of idealism.  Every song in this LP grabs you with it's positivity and endearing messages of love, hope and utopianism.  "El Gato Triste" begins slow implying classical elements and then changes elevating the listener taking you on a more tropical jazzy terrain.  It has been considered a Latin song.  I just simply love how the song takes you on a journey and back.  Enjoy!

El Gato Triste - Chuck Mangione - Mercury


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