Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Promised Land

Here is a wonderful song that has put me in a good mood after watching all the sad news of the world lately.  Specially what's going on in Lybia.  I hope this people find their freedom from dictatorship so they can enjoy their "promised land".  I consider the Style Council to be the quintessential '80s group.  Style Council was basically the brainchild of Paul Weller and Mick Talbot.  With a wide diversity of styles, the band released some of the most memorable songs that clearly reflect and defined that fabulous yet fickle decade.    "Promised Land" was actually a cover version of Joe Smooth amazing house classic.  The song defined  their desire to move to a more house sound at that time when they released the hard to find and last record titled Modernist: A New Decade which was never released officially and it was dropped by Polydor records causing the band to split.  I have heard the album in bits and pieces all I can say is that is pure house bliss. I am diligently searching for a copy of this rare gem.  In the meantime I'm enjoying and settling for this one and I must say that  Drop Out Orchestra has done a brilliant work to this '80s house classic.  Enjoy!

Promised Land (Drop Out Orchestra Re-Edit) - The Style Council        Download

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