Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fly Away/Walking in the Sunshine

Here is a nice sweet summer tune with such perfect timing and I totally forgot about it!  "Fly Away/Walking in the Sunshine" by Danish group Laid Back was recently played as the closing song during James Murphy's brilliant live mix show for Beats In Space this past Tuesday.   Laid Back was formed in 1979 in Copenhagen by John Guldberg on vocals, guitars, bass and Tim Stahl also vocals, keyboards, drums and bass.  They are best known for the hits "Sunshine Reggae" and the legendary dance classic " White Horse" during the early '80s.  I recently discovered that they are still active and have always been releasing music since the '80s and I must say that their newer material  is also brilliant. I regard them as the Danish Pet Shop Boys!  This song is from their 1983 LP  Keep Smiling and it's putting me in the mood for the nice vacation ahead! Enjoy

Fly Away/Walking in the Sunshine - Laid Back   Download

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