Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Sweet Summer Suite

The Summer blockbuster of the year 2011 did not arrive from Hollywood instead it was delivered, produced and directed by the Media and the Government.  First we had an earthquake in Nyc with all the media focus to deter us on what's a hand with the economy and now we have hurricane Irene headed to our city. How the media and local government are doing their best to instill fear by literally projecting what could happen to NYC when in reality we probably are going to have a severe storm with perhaps some wind and heavy rain.  It is important to be precocious during times like this however,  the puppetry machine of the media and government is sidetracking us with what's at hand by instilling more fear.  The "what ifs" seems to be more important than the "what is" of the now.  Mayor Bloomberg is doing his best to change his tarnished reputation due to the lack of unpreparedness during last winter's snowstorm and using Irene as a platform to change it. One thing for sure is that fear helps the economy.  I was recently at a super market and things were flying off the shelves.  This leaves me only to reflect and think about what would be an appropiate song to post in here.  Many ideas but rather than politicizing I prefer to  "discosize" it by presenting The Love Unlimited Orchestra's "My Sweet Summer Suite" which  evokes impending doom staring with a long Afro-Latin percussion intro with a relentless pattern to heighten the impact of the song's main section, so that when the strings finally  burst in, as they inevitably do, it feels  like a hurricane touching down. This stunning moment is worth the whole song.  Just like what is happening now!  I got my flash light, candles, lots of can goods and water by the way. Enjoy!

My Sweet Summer Suite - Love Unlimited Orchestra Download

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