Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love Is In You

We close the weekend with one the most feel good disco songs ever!  Twelve minutes and twenty seven seconds of pure bliss.  This song was released in 1979  by Nightlife Unlimited on Casablanca Records. Nightlife Unlimited was actually two groups. The Canadian outfit burst in the scene in 1979 with "Disco Choo Choo". The first line up consisted of Tony Bentivegna and Johny D'Orazio (the two constant members) and Louis Toteda and Peter Sciascia (vocals).  "Love Is In You" was their biggest on the dance floors I would guess this would be played during peak times or at the end of the night.  Nightlight Unlimited continued during the early part of the '80s with a different line up trying to match the shifting nature of dance music but never captured the lush and magical quality of this fabulous disco. Enjoy!

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