Saturday, October 6, 2012

What's Going On

Happy Saturday! It seems like Summer does not want to leave us yet so far in our great city! What's going on? Here is classic to put you in the right mood.  There are several remixes and re-edits of Marvin Gaye's epic song "What's Going On" out there and of course, nothing will surpass the beauty and purity of the original, however here is one that has moved me literally.  It is featured as a double package on Gamm label by a duo of producers and dj's called Revivra Alias Estephe & Vulzor.   The song is reworked and added a more four on a four feel, the break is pure bliss. Enjoy!


  1. Nice song!I love the way you put some twists on this song. Hope to hear more remixes soon. I'm such a big fan of music.

  2. Thanks guys fr compliments.
    For more remixes check