Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revisiting Post: Hyper-Ballad

We start this October month with single handily the most beautiful and haunting song of the '90's, "Hyper-ballad". Released in 1995,  on Post which was her third studio album and a true masterpiece of musical explorations.  The album received critical praise and it's considered top on the list of the best album during the past twenty five years.  Rolling Stone magazine declared it as part of their 500 Greatest Albums of all time. Every song is a stroke of genius. She recorded it in 1994 in the Bahamas for Compact Point Studios.   Hyper-ballad was inspired by a dream and it's about a person who hides their destructive nature from their partner by "throwing little things off" a cliff.  I vividly remember being a recent transplant living in New York city as an art student doing my own explorations with media and was so inspired by this album to the point of doing a video using "It's Oh So Quiet" as the springboard for a performance wearing a vest made out of bubble wrap with blue paint on each bubble, white balloons on my head and a skirt made out of jello.  Here is video still of yours truly! Enjoy

"Quiet" Performance at Parsons School of Design

and here is the fierce classic mix by David Morales for you dance floor pleasure!

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