Friday, June 15, 2012

Jealousy And Lies

Here is a stunning 1988 house classic that I recently discovered while listening to a recent mix by German Dj and producer Chrisopher Rau on Beats In Space.  I was mesmerized by "Jealousy and Lies" by Julian Jonah and surprised that I've never heard of this amazing house song.  The song's visceral message combined with the understated orchestration and low key synth makes this a true classic.  There was something familiar about it also and through research I learned it was sampled by Electribe 101's down tempo classic "Talking With Myself" which is quite a gorgeous song and had to include in this posting as well.  There are fourteen versions of Talking With Myself! Here is the Canny Remix.  Also, the Instrumental and the Alternative Dance Mix version of "Jealousy" are also great to listen. Enjoy!


  1. Interesting, I bought the Electribe 101 record in 1988 (UK import), and never knew it was influenced by another song.

    Are you sure that's a Frankie Knuckles mix? I remember the version he did had harder drums, and a sample from the Mission Impossible theme?

    1. Hi are right that is not the Franke Knuckles mix. Thanks for noticing. It is actually the Canny remix. I made a mistake and corrected it. There are fourteen different mixes of that song.