Friday, June 1, 2012

Babarabatiri time

Here is a fabulous tropical disco salsa house to celebrate this hot weather we've been experiencing lately.  "Babarabatiri" by Gypsymen was released in 2001 and produced by legendary Todd Terry. In actuality this  a cover version of a Cuban record from the late '50s by Beni More and samples from Perez Prado.  Tito Puente also did his own interpretation and it is believed to be his greatest song ever.   The Quantic Soul Orchestra did an amazing job also infusing funk elements.  So here are the three favorite versions all in their glory for your listening pleasure and tastes. And of course the original by Beni More and His Orchestra Gigante.  Disfrutalos que esta fantastico!  



  1. Hmmm.....I think Norwegian "Todd", who played song #3 on BIS this past week, influenced this post!

    But a fine post nonetheless!


    1. Hi Deke...indeed you are right...I love BIS and listen to it religiously. Todd Terje is amazing!