Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shame: I Want Your Love

Yesterday, I saw the film  Shame  with my dear "Disco Mistress" Coty as an after dinner celebration of her birthday and what an lovely surprise was to hear this song in it's full glory in a current and poignant movie that tackles the hot topic of sexual addiction.   What stroke me most about the film was the nice selection of dance classics from Tom Tom Club, Blondie and Chic done exceptionally well visually while carrying such lurid story line.  Also, the fact that having a turntable these days seems like such a status symbol of "cool" while making a point on the acoustic beauty of listening to vinyl these days.  "I Want Your Love" was composed by the legendary Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards.  The track first appeared on their 1978 album C'est Chic and it was originally intended for then proteges, Sister Sledge but remained Chic.  The song has been covered by many such as Jody Watley in 2006, and remixed by Soulcast, Thomas Gold.  Danny Krivit has amazing edit also. Here is the original 12" mix version in it's full glory and the amazing re-edited remix from Dimitri From Paris.  Enjoy!


  1. I love the I Want Your Love original 12" mix version, but I can't find it on itunes. I wanted to buy it and put it on my ipod.. Could you put on your page whose remix this is?

    1. Hi....this is the 12" Pink Vinyl Version and it's only available on vinyl. The other side is Funny Bone and it was remixed by Chic as well and released on Atlantic/ATCO label.