Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm Fascinated Until The Day

I went to 718 Sessions this past New Years day and it was great as usual.  Danny Krivit brought the house down with his usual blend of old and new.  Highlights where an amazing instrumental tribal that segued into the Company B's "Fascinated".  Company B was formed in 1986 from the trend of Miami inspired girl groups from the late '80s.  It was produced by Cuban-American Ish "Angel" Ledesma. This song created such a buzz in the clubs that it was widely released and became a giant mainstream pop hit.  I haven't heard this song in ages and upon hearing it on a loud sound system it reminded me of the power of free style house and it brought me back to the days dancing at the New Orleans' gay establishment The Bourbon Pub.  So here it is the  glorious Club Mix for your enjoyment!

Other highlights included an amazing remix of Fast Eddie's house anthem "Let's Go" which cleared the palette for the sublime Murk/Funky Green Dog's "Until The Day".  Murk is the Cuban-American  duo composed of Ralph Falcon and Oscar Gaetan that pretty much defined the '90s house sound. and let me tell you that the pounding power of this '90s house classic combined with the vocals of Tamara Wallace took the dancers on a rapture.  Enjoy

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