Thursday, December 1, 2011

Slave Of Love

Here is a very sexy and rare new discovery by a disco outfit called Destroyers.  Very little is known about them except that they were the product of Salsoul Records and it was released as a B side of the sublime disco erotic "Letric Love".  Produced by Jeffrey Lester and Rupert Holmes in 1977.  I'm loving the deep vocals, piano and strings here.   Hope this get you in the mood for those looming cold winter nights and to prolong this mood I'm including "Lectric Love" for good measure.  Enjoy!


  1. Is this a record album cover, or the cover to a bisexual porno flick?


    The guy on the right looks like a cross between Jeff Goldblum and Freddie Mercury!

    1. Hi Deke,
      In those days everything was sexualized with such ambiguous overtones..this album was released during the height of the sexual experimentation! I also agree on the resemblances.
      Thanks for your comments