Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Here is a recent discovery called "Sweet Sixteen" by an amazing '70s group called Diga Rhythm Band.   This is the brain child of legendary drummer from the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart.  Initially inspired by Native American tribal beats and the thumping sound of a hand-turned water pump, Hart teamed with legendary Indian tabla player Zakir Hussain creating the Diga Rhythm Band in 1975.   This was considered a groundbreaking album at the time which introduced percussion driven, globally minded grooves to an entirely new audience.  It was a drum freak's wet dream. The LP was considered ahead of its time by blending rhythms from different cultures by adding a jazzy/latin flair that took the listener to hypnotic heights making this a left field disco favorite.  This song was perfect for the early in the evening warm up designed to jump start people's temperature on the dance floor.    I have been a fan of Zakir's  music for quite sometime and was pleasantly surprised to learn about his side project of his. Simply brilliant! Enjoy

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