Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stay Free

It is time to post not one but three timeless classics to start off the weekend.  Starting with one of my old time favorite dance songs that never seem to tire my ears, "Stay Free".  The message here is simple and powerful.  Loving someone and let them stay free.   Created by legendary husband and wife songwriting/production team simply know as Ashford and Simpson.  Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson have written, produced and performed some of the most amazing, most compelling and deep timeless songs ranging from R&B, Soul, Disco, Motown and Gospel from the 20th Century.   I am loving the new re-edited treatment Dimitri From Paris has done to this amazing song. Stripping it down to it's essence giving it almost an instrumental feel without loosing the song's integrity taking the listener to pure bliss.   Also,  here is another dance classic, the disco 12" mix of  "Over and Over".  Released as a dance single in 1977, this song inspired Sylvester to make his own version which is also featured here.  All amazing dance classics that are high on my list of all time favorites to enjoy!  Speaking of lists, stay tune for my list of favorite songs from 2010 coming soon!

Stay Free (Dimitri's Re-Edit) - Ashford & Simpson - Warner Bros. Records

Over And Over (12" Disco Mix) - Ashford And Simpson - Warner Bros. Records

Over And Over (Special 12" Disco Mix) - Sylvester - Fantasy

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