Friday, July 7, 2017

State of 808

Paying homage to dance/techno pioneers 808 State with these couple of remixes of the seminal track "Pacific State" which turned the key and took house and techno into another level.  Inspired by this past Friday, I went to the Body & Soul outdoor event at Governor's Island which featured Detroit's own Underground Resistance reminding us that during the '90s, House went many directions creating a new aural concepts sound that blurred the lines between House, electronic, jazz, ambient and techno.  Arriving during sunset, the event was amazing on such a beautiful balmy night while dancing in the moonlight, amidst the dusty ground and incredible lighting giving the whole experience an early '90's Rave vibe.  Highlights included: Underground Resistance doing an amazing live set, then the fabulous trio of Clausell, Krivit and Kevorkian doing their thing with "Love Saves the Day" by Whitney Houston, "My First Mistake" by the Chi-Lites, Level 42's "Starchild", Janet Jackson's "Together Again"  and of course the original "Pacific State" from 808 State which  I think encapsulates the whole evening experience. So here are two twisted takes on the amazing song! Enjoy

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