Saturday, March 1, 2014

Circle Of One

We start the month of March with a 1990's amazing dance vocal from American vocalist, pianist and song writer Oleta Adams.  Circle Of One  was her most widely acclaimed  LP. The album was produced by Tears for Fears, she used be one of their background voices. You can actually hear her beautiful voice on their song "Woman In Chains". The first two songs, "Circle of One" and "Rhythm of Life" didn't grant this amazing voice success outside the dance floors until they released her cover of Brenda Russell's "Get Here"which peaked internationally and  the US making this heartfelt song a favorite lip sync song among drag queens as I recall when I first heard it.  Here is "Circle Of One", the Full Circle 12" remix which I think deserves respect. It's a beautiful almost dance ballad and I remembered it was a favorite among the DJ's  when they would drop it late during nights or early mornings. Enjoy!

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