Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Certain Things Are Likely

Last October,  I went out for Halloween and decided to dress up this time around as post new romantic look inspired by Boy George circa 1984. The results were hilarious and upon arriving at this local gay bar the DJ played this song that I haven't heard literally since it was released in 1987! I used to own the 12" single, dug it up and found it! Here it is in it's full glory! "Certain Things Are Likely" by KTP which was short for Kissing the Pink.  A British new wave, synthpop and dance group that had short lived success from early to mid eighties after evolving into a full on synth dance group inspired by the Human League.  This song became their most popular on the billboard dance charts and specially at the gay dance floors and it's not so hard to figure out why just by listening to the lyrics with it's ironic message of the time, along with its quirky synth house beats inviting you to sweet abandon.  Enjoy

Oh, and since I opened a can of worms here is a pic of that night along with my dear friend Matt Reynolds to my left who was dressed as Mrs. Roper. 

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