Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vivir Lo Nuestro con La India

Today I ventured out to Far Rockaway beach and later I went to have some arepas at Caracas Rockaway and heard "Vivir lo Nuestro" by India and Marc Anthony.  I haven't heard it in quite some time and was quite moved by it and of course came home and had to do a proper post on the amazing legendary woman.  Linda Viera Caballero better known as India and La Princesa de la Salsa (The Princess of Salsa) as well has many so many powerful songs both in and out of the dance floors that has defined an era and created the soundtrack for millions of people living in and out of NewYork city.   Born in Puerto Rico but soon after her birth her parents moved to the South Bronx.  In 1985 when she was 14 years old she was a founding member  of the Latin Freestyle group TKA then she was signed on Reprise/Warner Bros. Records which planned on marketing her as the Latin version of Madonna but soon after she recorded the album Breaking Night, she decided that she didn't want to take that route in her career. The rest is Salsa and House music history.  This woman has so much passion in her voice that brings chills.  As far as club music history, from her sublime 1994 club classic collaboration with River Ocean "Love & Happiness" to her collaborations with Masters At Work which released some amazing club classics such as "I Can't Get No Sleep" and"To Be In Love" this woman deserves due respect in dance music history.  I'll never forget when I just moved to this great city while living in Spanish Harlem and hearing her salsa music during the day on the streets and then during peak hours at the clubs and that is how we would be bewitched by her voice and music.  Day and night literally.  So here are some of these classics for your enjoyment.  I'm loving La India again!

During the day at the corner bodega it was: 

at the club it was:

  and peak hour at the club it was:

and the next day in the mornings during the hangover:

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