Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Automatic Lover

It has been quite a long time and I actually wanted to post this song for Valentines Day however life duties keep me from doing Disco Monk.  Here is a song that I haven't shaken off since I first heard it a couple of months ago.  There is something quite kitschy yet sweet about this saccharine cosmic disco song by gutsy British singer Dee D. Jackson.  My friend Wiki tells me she started as a film producer in Munich, Germany and then moved into music working with legends such as Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. Her first single was "Man of a Man"and it didn't do well.  Her next single however was "Automatic Lover" and it became a smash in countries like Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey and Japan.  Other songs from her debut album Cosmic Curves  such as"Red Flight", "Galaxy of Love", "Meteor Man" and "Cosmic Curves" did pretty well internationally.  She currently lives in Turin, Italy where she has a record company DDE Records, Ltd.  I'm loving this hot mess of a cosmic lady. Enjoy!

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