Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giv New York City nightlife luv

New York City nightlife is back! Last night I had the pleasure of dancing to the stylings from my favorite party DJs Severino Panzetta and Jim Stanton simply known as Horse Meat Disco at Santos Party House.  It has been quite a while since I ventured out to see some nightlife and indeed it was quite memorable to my surprise.  These amazing duo served us flawlessly on the dance floor and it was a rare feast to see so many beautiful New Yorkers putting down their phones and doing some serious dancing for a change.  The night was filled with their fabulous and unique brand of disco and early '90s house.  The highlight was dancing to the amazing mid '90s classic "Giv Me Luv" by Alcatraz and was transported back to the Roxy.
Kembra Pfahler singing "Why Can't We Be Friends"
The icing on the cake during the night was served by legendary performance art/rock group Kembra Pfahler along with her voluptuous ladies doing an rendition of War's "Why Can We Be Friends" decked out in their usual fabulous nakedness and body paint/make-up which was also shared with the audience while splattering eggs filled with paint from Kembra's vagina.  All of this gorgeous madness was set around a sculpture of a giant mirrored disco penis created by sculptor Urs Fisher.  It's so refreshing to see this fabulousness happening again in NYC! A nice blend of dancing, art and disco which are some of my favorite things. It was true legendary and unforgettable night!  Enjoy

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  1. It's party all over here! Yeah, I love to disco... Bring the beat on...