Tuesday, July 31, 2012

52nd Street: Cool As Ice

Cool As Ice - 52nd Street

Here is a very "cool" song by British jazz-funk and R&B band from Manchester.  The band was picked up by the legendary and seminal Factory Records in 1982.  It was Factory co-owner and Joy Division's manager Rob Gretton and a reluctant partner Tony Wilson that agreed to take a chance on this Funk/soul outfit  that was becoming a new trend at the time which was an unusual sound for a record company known to sign for a more post punk/new wave sound.  Later they were picked up across the sea by AM Records as they went on to garnish some level of success with songs like "Look Into My Eyes" and "Can't Afford".  Unfortunately due to a unsteady rotating cast of members and being caught in the middle of label and management disputes along with the pressures of putting out hits, the band dissolved during the end of the '80s.  Their sound is truly unique with a nice blend of street, hip pop, and synth dance.  They only released one album titled Children of the Night on Virgin records in 1986.  I'm simply loving this song.  Enjoy!

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