Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Finally here is something to get excited about in terms of new releases this year.   The Barking Dog's "Mamarracho" is a great thumping house track with electro leanings that simply brings the house down with much needed homo eroticism for the dance floors featuring the sexy voice of Marcelo Burlon.  The word mamarracho in Spanish is used to describe someone who is a fool or a "hot mess" and it's  obviously not a nice word since it's used in a negative derogatory way.  This release comes from the amazing German record label Gomma and it's composed of two friends from Milan, Cristian Croce and Nicola Mazzetti going by the name of The Barking Dogs.  In 2006, these two djs producers with different musical backgrounds and experiences have released some insanely eccentric and eclectic party music.  They run a record shop in Milan and are known as putting together the best parties in Italy.  In their shop they have a huge collection of vintage synths and drum machines.  They are inspired by the raw and dirty sound of the late '80s house.  As soon as I heard this deep voice saying ....."macho macho....mamarracho" with a big smile on my face my feet started to move! Enjoy

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